Thursday, 21 November 2013

No posts since August? Really? time flies!

Well, we have been busy stocking the shelves with a wide range of books in preparation
for another fantastic Hawkes Bay summer. Adrian is working on some new signage, and we have a new range of our own, exclusive, hand printed T shirts which, fingers crossed, we will hopefully start printing around Christmas.

 By way of explanation for my Blog Tardiness...This time of year is perfect for after work rides on the Hawkes Bay Cycle Trails.  There are enough daylight hours to have a quick twirl after work...but we have to recommend Night rides..especially with a full moon! The paths glow, so you can ride without lights, though beware the gates and herds of cows and the occasional hedgehog.
  If you must use a light then leave the high powered possum hunting gizmo at home and try those old fashioned battery lights. They are usually completely useless, but their flickering yellow glow is just right for this occasion.

Anyway, that's us for now..must away to alphabetize (a very unattractive word) some shelves...