Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A Formal Apology

Today I was asked if we had 'something online'.
And I remembered that, infact, we do.
And I also remembered that this Blog has been sadly neglected for quite some time now, so I shall endeavour to remedy that dire situation... once the Christmas rush is sorted.

Meantime rest assured we have been our usual busy selves. Especially Adrian.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Frank and Startling.

 Every once in a while we receive a phone call asking if we sell "Adult Magazines". The answer is usually a very po-faced "No, we do not", because we tend to think of ourselves as not being "that sort of shop".

Currently however, we are "that sort of a shop" with a newly purchased collection late 60's early 70's books, which I would call porn novels, for want of a better term, and also a few 'How To' books featuring the usual pale and pimply students who would pose for these things back in the day..

The collection also included a carefully curated scrap book of the gentlemans favorite pictures, cut out of various magazines. Unfortunately that is not for sale as it has found a permanent home in our "Little Red Bookshop Museum of Found Curiosities".

Anyway, if titles like Mark Kirbys 'College for Sex' (-A girl can learn all kinds of things in college) and Ronald Kirkbrides 'Katrina' ( Kirkbride is to be rated above Ian Fleming-  Alistair MacLean) are your thing then just come and ask at the counter.

We promise not to judge you, and we have a large number of plain brown paper bags.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Little Red Gift Vouchers

So, it's Christmas again. And you are probably still trying to figure out what to give all your best and coolest friends and family.

Something they don't already have. Something even more fantastic than last years trinket.

Something that will make you look like the tasteful and discerning bearer of gifts that you undoubtedly are.

Well, look no further.  We have back in stock a new supply, fresh from the printers, of our very handy, tastefully designed, life time guaranteed Gift Vouchers. Available for a variety of Dollar amounts that can be spent at the lucky recipients leisure on T shirts, Board-games and, of course, books.

The perfect gift for the Carlo Mollino in your life.

Monday, 1 June 2015

An Important Announcement From The Ministry Of Truth

"Too often the News is all about whose not happy, whose got ripped-off, who feels hard done by, what's not fair, what's not right, whose protesting, whose complaining, whose bitching, whose been forgotten about..and this survey shows that that aspect of life, well it's the plight of very very very few, while most of us see life for what it is; it's a joy, it's a opportunity, it's a blessing. 

We know who we are, we know what we're about and we like it.  That's the news I want to see and hear more of - because that's the story, as the results show, of the vast majority of us."

The legendary and long lost paragraph of George Orwell's '1984',   as channelled from beyond the grave to our very own Mike Hosking on Seven Sharp, first week of May sometime.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Not Generally a Man of Wide Knowledge about Books

Ahh, the good old days, before people expected books to be priced on a minute by minute basis. 
The following is included for the amusement of certain people who know who they are.
Mr E.D. Mosley S.M.


Press, Volume LIV, Issue 16271, 23 July 1918, Page 2

Anyway, Hours of fun to be had at Papers Past  A resource made available by the National Library of New Zealand. And I hope I haven't overplayed my card in terms of copyright and fair usage and all that.