Monday, 11 August 2014

A big Welcome to the New Cash Register!!

After a little trial and error we now have a Cash Register to be proud of..a Regina Cash Register, designed by Jorgen Sigurd Sr.,co-founder and director of Jorgen S. Lien AS one of the pioneer companies in Norway producing cash registers and safes....well, at least that's what I believe it to be, after a little Google snooping.

It seems Cash Registers don't attract the same level of 'rivet counters' that you find in the world of vintage typewriters. I guess they just don't have the same romantic connotations. Which is rather unfair, as they are marvels of engineering, and fairly impressive design wise. This is the early 'Crank Handle' type, and without wanting to sound too Shylock (a Shakespeare reference, no offence intended) about the whole thing, it really does make a marvellous noise when used, a smooth action, with an oh so discrete bell.

 In the (not) unlikely event that anyone reading this has an interest in Regna Cash Registers I found this site for the photographs, and this to be helpful, though Google Translate has it's limitations!.