Monday, 9 March 2015

"We had to stop Hitler"

By way of an explanation...this is one book of a collection that Adrian brought without actually checking 'under the covers'.

He was warned, he did hear something about 'Dad did some underlining', but that would appear to be a drastic understatement. Of course none of the books are saleable, but we have added one or two to our own private collection as they are  classic, unaffected works of what is often termed 'Outsider Art', or maybe 'Outsider Scholarship' would be a better description.

Enjoy. But DO NOT try this at home. It is beautiful...but terribly terribly wrong, and maybe a little scary.

 The book is titled 'Heaven and You' by William J. MacMillan. 1953.

The Scholar and his pen remain Anon.

“William J. MacMillan here attempts to express something of the nature of healing, as he has experienced it. He writes: I can make no claim to possess unusual knowledge of the art of healing. But I shall try to describe with accuracy an unusual capacity to heal and its effects upon the patients and myself.

- quote from jacket.