Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Terry Nation without a Dalek in sight...

April 2015, probably the most important date in my calendar as it is the Fortieth Anniversary of the first episode of BBCs post apocalyptic masterpiece - "Survivors".

The original broadcast of “The Fourth Horseman” (the opening episode of the first series of Survivors ) was shown at 20:10 on Wednesday 16 April 1975 on BBC 1, and was seen by just over 7m viewers*. I'm not sure when exactly it made it onto NZ screens.  But I do know I was there, glued to the screen. Of course in the UK some people would have had colour TV while we were still in the age of black and white, but for us antipodeans it didn't matter one jot. Infact my memory of the show is in colour, so go figure, maybe it was just the effect of endless shots of dreary English countryside.

Given that this is a book blog I should add that both Survivors books are well worth reading. First there is Terry Nations book.  My own copy is the classic Futura paperback edition, with poor Abbey looking like she's just suffered an explosion of cocaine all over her face. And then there is  Survivors: Genesis of a Hero, published in the UK in 1977, authored under the pen name of John Eyers — the identity of the real author has never been disclosed.

No spoilers here, so I won't critique them, and 'only for fans' of course...no one would exactly describe them as literary classics.

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Now THAT'S a title shot if ever I saw one!