Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Frank and Startling.

 Every once in a while we receive a phone call asking if we sell "Adult Magazines". The answer is usually a very po-faced "No, we do not", because we tend to think of ourselves as not being "that sort of shop".

Currently however, we are "that sort of a shop" with a newly purchased collection late 60's early 70's books, which I would call porn novels, for want of a better term, and also a few 'How To' books featuring the usual pale and pimply students who would pose for these things back in the day..

The collection also included a carefully curated scrap book of the gentlemans favorite pictures, cut out of various magazines. Unfortunately that is not for sale as it has found a permanent home in our "Little Red Bookshop Museum of Found Curiosities".

Anyway, if titles like Mark Kirbys 'College for Sex' (-A girl can learn all kinds of things in college) and Ronald Kirkbrides 'Katrina' ( Kirkbride is to be rated above Ian Fleming-  Alistair MacLean) are your thing then just come and ask at the counter.

We promise not to judge you, and we have a large number of plain brown paper bags.