Friday, 5 July 2013


 I have a fondness for 'things' that say "Think", it is a very underrated activity.  If you ask your child what they are doing and all they can say is "Thinking" then you know they will be alright.

This bookmark was put out by  The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. RoSPA came into being in 1917 in response to the 'alarming increase in road accidents' during the First World War blackouts. A campaign to change the pedestrian rule so that walkers faced oncoming traffic was so successful that fatal accidents caused by pedestrians stepping into the path of vehicles fell by 70 per cent in 12 months, which is an amazing result. Of course RoSPA has been accused of being professional "killjoys or busybodies" especially in relation to children being allowed to have fun with a touch of risk taking, but I gather they are trying to get past that sort of 'Thinking'.