Friday, 12 September 2014

Blossom Festival - All Systems Go!!

Hastings Blossoms
Tomorrow is 'The Hastings Blossom Parade'.  Something just for us, not that too cool Napier Crowd. Just Hastings. Crepe paper sales have probably skyrocketed, pink paper is at a premium.  Be there, or be square.

The Hastings Blossom Festival of 1960 became famous for its so-called ‘riot’. The float parade had been cancelled because of wet weather. This, combined with an influx of young people in the city centre, overcrowding in hotels and overbearing crowd-control tactics (like the use of fire-hoses) created a situation where fights readily broke out. Moral panic in the wake of this incident inflated it in the popular imagination to a full-scale riot instigated by rebellious young people. In reality only a small number of people were actually fighting. Twelve were charged, and only with minor offences related to disorderly behaviour. Alexander Turnbull Library, Dominion Post Collection (PAColl-7327)
Reference: EP/1960/3292 
Hastings Milk Treatment Station