Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Pahiatua Passenger Services

We have a pretty respectable selection of Records for Sale these days, the 'music Room' is still on the planning table, though things are probably about to get a little too busy for construction work, as the build up to Christmas seems to be underway. Finding a picture of Krampus that won't terrify small children and old ladies...not as easy as we'd thought....

While tracking down interesting Christmas stock, I've somehow stumbled upon this site, which is a facinating collection of Courier and Postage Labels from New Zealand, put together by Mr Adam Miller. Recommended to anyone interested in stamps, labels and fonts. Probably best avoided by anyone who isn't.

There was a selection of labels from  Hawkes Bay Motors LTD, but I couldn't go past this amazing colourway from Pahiatua Passenger Services, 1978 styles.